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Social Security Disability Appeals

If you have been turned down for disability or SSI benefits, don’t panic and don’t give up.  It is a common fact that properly developed, most Social Security cases are winnable.  It is important that you understand the process and get the right help in preparing your claim.  Attorney Loevy is experienced in Social Security matters.  She has helped hundreds of claimants get the benefits they deserve.

Attorney Loevy can assist you with any and all paperwork required in appealing your claim.  We review your records and determine what information is needed to insure that your claim meets Social Security guidelines.  Then, we analyze your medical records and ask your doctors the right questions.  We can tell if additional medical information is needed and we can schedule appointments with doctors and other health care professionals on your behalf.

Ms. Loevy understands  that your situation is dire and that it is demoralizing when you cannot support yourself.  She will always provide a listening ear and will return all phone calls most often on the same day.  If you are experiencing pain and stress as a result of your disability and these very difficult economic times, you need to call us!  Don’t wait until it’s too late – call now for a FREE CONSULTATION.  Take action to regain control of your disability and/or SSI claim.

Filing Bankruptcy

 During your first consultation with Attorney Loevy, she will help you assess your financial situation to determine what is best for you.  Sometimes, it may be best  to do nothing.  Other times, it may be best to proceed with one of the two types of consumer bankruptcy :  Chapter 7, known as “straight” bankruptcy or  Chapter 13, often referred to as a “wage earner” bankruptcy .

Chapter 7 — Straight Bankruptcy  gives you the ability to discharge, which means eliminate or get rid of, or not pay back your debts.  Most often you can keep everything you own and pay back nothing.  With straight bankruptcy, a single adult or an entire family has the opportunity to get a fresh financial start by leaving behind the burden of old bills.  After you file straight bankruptcy, the law even lets you buy property again.   In fact, many people filing Chapter 7, straight bankruptcy, can keep their home, cars, household furnishings and even cash in the bank .

Chapter 13 – Wage Earner takes all of your bills including house payments, car payments, charge card payments, finance company payments, child support and all forms of taxes and lumps them into one low, manageable monthly payment.  In essence, Chapter 13 takes all of your bills and restructures them.  In many cases it can reduce the interest you pay on secured loans for things such as your automobile note and what you owe to finance and furniture companies.  On unsecured debts like charge cards and signature loans, interest charges are generally eliminated.  Chapter 13 stops late charges and penalties on IRS debts and other forms of taxes.

Both forms of Bankruptcy are federal law, controlled by the United States federal Bankruptcy Courts. The law immediately stops all collection efforts by your creditors – that means a stop to harassing telephone calls, threatening letters, foreclosure, garnishment and repossession.

If you are experiencing any of the problems discussed, you need to contact Attorney Barbara Loevy for a consultation.

If you are experiencing pain and stress as a result of these very difficult economic times, you need to call.  Bankruptcy may be the key to dramatically improving your circumstances.

Take action to regain control of your personal finances.